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Snow Flakes

Nov 30, 2020 Topics: Advent, Christmas, Scripture: Psalm 139:14

As I get older I find myself enjoying the beauty of Christmas a lot more than the “feeling” of Christmas. I’m speaking of the colder temperatures!

I get very excited to see the first snow fall, flakes falling from the sky and, if I’m lucky enough, to observe the design of the snowflake before it melts away.

Scientists say that snowflakes are all unique. They are hexagons, having six sides.

Made of water, their molecular structure is H20 and their water molecules look like V’s and when they line up and freeze together, they line up in a hexagon shape.

As more water molecules are added to it, it continues to grow bigger and bigger.

Sounds complex, doesn’t it?

But in the grand scheme of design and creation it is a relatively simple creation, unlike each of us.

Scripture teaches that we are all uniquely created and in God’s image!

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. - Psalm 139:14

With as much detail God puts into creating each flake of snow, He takes more concern over His human creations.

In your Advent preparations this year, praise God for making you the way you are. Not just your physical appearance, but also every fiber of who you are.

Prayer: Holy Creator, we give You thanks for Your creation. As the temperatures get colder and the ground turns from green to white, may we see You in all of the world around us. We also offer our praises for making us in Your image. Help us to accept ourselves and to be thankful for who we are. Amen.


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