What’s YOUR Mission?

“Therefore, GO and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19

Here I Am, Lord, Send ME!

Local Opportunities to Serve:

Katharina Frahm helps with a weeding project with the GP Foundation.

Grant Park Foundation: Help maintain and clean the local parks, assist with community events and fundraising.

The Foundation cares for Heldt Park (aka the Butterfly Park), the trees along the railroad tracks, and much more!

Contact Deb Morgan at (847) 366-6815. Or, check out their facebook page here.

Jaden Ewoldt presents a donation to Dawn Broers from St. Peter’s UCC

Fortitude Outreach and Shelter for Homeless: Serving Kankakee County, Fortitude provides opportunities for you to serve the homeless. Help provide and serve meals and fellowship with those you serve.

Please note: You will need training to serve (contact Dawn Broers (815) 546-3271).

Local Food Pantries: There are two local food pantries that people can donate towards and help serve with.

St. Peter’s UCC directly helps the St. Luke’s Food Pantry located at St. Luke’s UCC in Beecher, IL. You can donate your canned goods or boxed food (no outdated items) to the collection basket located in the courtyard entrance of our church. Paper goods, personal items, and wearable clothes will also be accepted. Please check out their webpage for more information about what they will accept and how you can be served, or serve.

Additionally, Faith Church in Beecher participates in the Mobile Food Pantry, with catholic charities and the Northern Illinois Food Pantry to distribute food. To find out more about times, locations, and ways you can help serve, visit

Beverly Roberts Foundation: A local foundation that raises funds and provides financial assistance to those dealing with cancer.

Contact Jill Claussen (call the church office at 815-465-6191 for her information).

One of several gift baskets St. Peter’s donated towards a recent raffle to support Chasing Cans for Cancer.

Chasing Cans for Cancer:

Chasing Cans for Cancer was started 10 years ago, by the Berger family, after a family friend lost her fight to ovarian cancer, leaving behind two beautiful children.

It was her wish that instead of a large funeral that we host something in her honor to help families battling the evils of cancer.

The first year Chasing Cans raised money for a local hairstylist fighting ovarian cancer, since then it was decided to not just help people/families affected by one type of cancer but by any and all. Each year the fundraiser continues to grow. In 2016 Chasing Cans For Cancer incorporated and became a 501.c.3.

Labor Day Weekend 2020 Event

Your donation puts the money into the hands of those who need it most, in a time where they are struggling against cancer, while trying to keep up with all the expenses. Over the past 9 years with your help we have been able to help a handful of families with their bills and expenses and donate thousands of dollars to every one of our families that are selected.

To stay up to date with Chasing Cans for Cancer and future events, you can visit their facebook page by searching Chasing Cans for Cancer

River Valley Rescue Animal Shelter: Located in Momence, IL, the animal shelter is always looking for individuals to work with and clean up after animals in its shelter.

To learn more, contact Dawn at 815-507-5007.

Salvation Army: The Salvation Army is a Christian Church and International organization.

It’s purpose is to bring salvation to the poor, destitute, and hungry by meeting both “physical” and “spiritual” needs.

To volunteer or learn more about our local Salvation Army, visit its website at or call 815-933-8421.

Everyone Cares Camp for the Disabled: More details to follow.

Other ways you can serve locally: Put a message on facebook or at the post-office letting the elderly know you are available to pull weeds or do miscellaneous small tasks.

Also, the Village of Grant Park is always looking for volunteers to help our town look good. You can contact the Village Hall at (815) 465-6531.