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Is Right, Right?

(Day 6 – Contemplating Ravi Zacharias’ quotes)

We live in a day of social media where everyone has an opinion about everything.

That’s okay, but just because we have an opinion obviously doesn’t mean we are always right about everything.

You know those types of people, don’t you?  I mean, even I fall into that category at times in my life where I think that I’m right, even when I’m not.

Zacharias’ once wrote a short, but blunt statement about that type of a mindset.

“We have a right to believe whatever we want, but not everything we believe is right.”

Ravi Zacharias

I believe that one of the biggest issues facing the church in our times is that Christians have gained the belief that the way they want to interpret the Truth of God’s Word is the “right way.”

That’s dangerous.  We’ve seen in history and even in the present, what happens when we treat God’s Word with such errant measures.

When we study God’s Word, when we look at it as a moral compass for our lives, and when we build our own theological belief system, we have no fewer standards then relying solely on the Bible and nothing but the Bible.

Bible Study

Bible Study

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